A Frightfully Good Show

The last TSP show of 2019 saw the dead brought to life in the club’s self-written, hilarious Halloween-themed musical. Thankfully for us, the only boos were from the ghosts!

Opening on a darkened stage, the ensemble cast showcased their amazing musical talent with an animated rendition of Danny Elfman’s, This is Halloween. The audience is led to believe they’re getting a front-row experience of a TSP rehearsal, but it quickly becomes apparent that two of our members, Paul and Iona, are missing and things are about to get freaky!

If You’ve Got It, Haunt It

Paul and Iona are in fact lost on their way to rehearsal and with no way of calling for help, panic starts to set in. They stumble across a house in the distance with it’s light shining; queue Over at the Frankenstein Place from Rocky Horror Picture Show. In good old-fashioned Halloween style, this house is of course haunted! From here, the audience follows the two as they desperately try to make it back to rehearsal.

Monster Mash

The duo is greeted by the owner of the house, a Mad Scientist, who welcomes them inside. Things quickly turn sour however when she concocts a potion to bring the dead to life, as she does each year at Halloween. This gives way to the first choreographed number of the musical show, featuring a host of devilish characters.

Now trapped in the haunted house, Paul and Iona have to enlist the help of the characters brought to life by the Mad Scientist as they try to make their break for freedom.

Spellbinding Solos

As with each theatre show put on by TSP, we’re always excited to show off the range of vocal talent on offer at the club. This is Halloween proved no different. With a host of catchy tunes for the audience to sing along with such as ABBA classic Does Your Mother Know, to a chilling rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang, the club extended its repertoire beyond the musical theatre genre.  We of course didn’t stray to far from our musical theatre background though! Mean Green Mother from Little Shop of Horrors fit perfectly for our Mad Scientist while the beautiful ballad, Monster, from Frozen (heading to the West End in 2020) helped the audience understand the angst of our corpse bride.

Trick or Treat

The brilliant production team also had some tricks up their sleeves with fantastic strobe lighting creating a haunting and menacing atmosphere, while the stage was often engulfed in smoke adding the sense of impending danger for Paul and Iona. Costume and make-up worked perfectly in sync and gave the storytelling an added boost.

Fang-tastic Support

Everyone at TSP would like to say a massive thank you to those who came along to support the cast and crew of This is Halloween. Without your encouragement, the club wouldn’t be able to put on the shows it does.