Are you interested in joining a musical theatre group in Glasgow? Look no further! TSP has been entertaining theatre lovers for over 25 years and we’re always looking for new talent.

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or new to the stage, we’re a welcoming bunch so go on, be brave and give it a try.

So, what do you need to do?

Give us a tune

Prepare a verse and chorus of your choice. We’re looking to assess your vocal quality so it’s good to pick a song you’re comfortable with. Mariah and Whitney might be tempting but are their songs right for you?!  

Remember to bring your backing track or sheet music for our pianist.

Oscar-Winning Performance

Perform a short 1-2 minute monologue or script excerpt. This is your chance to show off your acting skills. Think pace, tone, facial expressions and movement. If you need someone to read opposite you, let us know.

In order for you to truly shine, we would highly recommend learning your excerpt off by heart. 


 TSP owes its success to the high standards and outstanding ability of its ensemble cast. 

Got what it takes? Click HERE to arrange an audition time and date with our production team.