Joining a Musical Theatre Club

You’ve practised for months. Step-ball-changing your way through exciting choreography in your kitchen, relaying your lines in the mirror and singing your heart out in the shower. Now, it’s showtime. The opening number is over in an exhilarating blur and you can’t wait to get on to the next. The final bows come too quickly as you take in the beaming smiles and thunderous applause from the audience. That, is musical theatre with TSP.

Why TSP?

Musical shows in Glasgow bring so much joy to the audience and it often leaves them wishing they could be under the bright lights of the stage. For the members of TSP, this exact feeling brought them to the club. Now we’re looking to expand.

With cast and crew from all walks of life, ranging in age from 21-50, TSP prides itself on being welcoming and supportive to all members, old or new.

We rehearse each Wednesday and on a Sunday leading up to a show. We’re also known to ditch the leggings and sweatpants and don our glad rags for a night out on the town together!

The Stage is Set

So, now we’ve told you all the reasons why joining one of the longest running drama clubs in Glasgow is a brilliant idea, it’s over to you. Flex those jazz hands, warm up the vocal chords and take to centre stage.

Experience is not necessary but you do need to audition for a place at the club. We’re looking for you to sing a song of your choosing and perform a quick excerpt from a play or musical. Click to arrange your audition.

Come along to our next cabaret show and see what we’re all about. The cabaret showcases the immense talent the club has to offer and is a brilliant night out for friends and family. If we’ve had you dancing in your seat and singing along then an audition is definitely your next stop!