Meet the TSP Team with Clare Bauld

With our Halloween cabaret fast approaching, TSP wants to take you behind the scenes and introduce the people who are making it happen. So without further ado, let us introduce you to our fabulously talented musical director, Clare!

Hello Clare! Let’s kick things off! How did you get into musical theatre?

My family all love music so I’ve always been surrounded by different popular genres, including musical theatre. My mum has built me an enormous collection of classic and contemporary MT piano vocal books since I was about 15; my big sister performed in, directed and stage managed amateur shows at university; even my dad and I have been known to tune into Elaine Paige on Sundays! Having studied voice and teaching at university, teaching amateur musical theatre seemed a sensible move.

You made the switch to musical director for TSP only last year. What attracted you to the challenge?

Working as a professional music tutor I have led many choirs in my career so far. I had joined Theatre South Productions in 2017 to meet new people and try out some dancing. We had a great time doing 9 to 5 The Musical and I had such a lovely time singing in the chorus that I applied for musical director the following year and was accepted to lead them for The Wedding Singer.

What are your top tips for budding auditionees?

I always remind people that the panel auditioning you want you to do well. We are cheering you on and want you to do your best. Also, don’t be scared of nerves. You feel nervous because the outcome matters to you and that is a good thing! Inhala, exhala…

Favourite musical?

At the moment, She Loves Me! But honestly, it depends on the day.

What character would you love to play?

Elder Price from The Book Of Mormon.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

I have a small crafts business on Etsy called “Clare Philippa Crafts” where I make decorations for anything from nurseries to Christmas trees! #shamelessplug.

If you want to see Clare in her element – waving her hands and smiling manically at the cast of This Is Halloween in front of her, get your tickets now!