My Big Fat Crazy Musical

Sophie has always longed to be a leading lady in a musical but without the support of her mum, she’s never had the chance to pursue her dream.

I Dreamed a Dream

After an argument one night, Sophie’s mum demands that her daughter focuses on finding a “real” job and never speak of her desire to be on stage again.  Sophie takes herself to bed and after much tossing and turning, eventually falls asleep.  She suddenly wakes up and is startled by a very familiar, but certainly unexpected, face at the end of her bed.

Sophie can’t believe her eyes as she’s sitting across from none other than Liza Minnelli!  In true Charles Dickens fashion, Liza introduces Sophie to a host of musical royalty from the past and present.  They’re all here to convince Sophie not to give up on her musical dream.

And the Future?

Will Sophie be saying thank you for the music and take the advice of the stars she’s admired all her life or will it all become a distant memory as she follows her mum’s wishes?  You’ll have to join us to find out!

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