Theatre South Productions has been performing to audiences for over 25 years. A triple threat club, whose ambition knows no bounds. Based in Glasgow, this musical theatre group has one mission, to entertain. 

What's Happening?

DSC_0545green (2) CB
Sneak Peek...

With our March cabaret fast approaching, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of TSP's latest musical offering. Read on to find out more!

Costume story - 1
Looking Good, Feeling Great

As our next production edges ever closer it's time for the return of a very special member of the TSP family - our costume designer!

Joining Tsp

If you’re through accepting limits ’cause someone said they were so – it’s time to get in touch with TSP!  Somethings you cannot change but ’till you try you’ll never know. Hit the link to find out how to audition for our next show. 

Taking to the stage

Having put on countless musical productions over the years, it’s hard to pick our favourite!

Check out some of our recent performances.